Thursday, 7 June 2018

We Care Your Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is the most common dental problem that involves pain (or) discomfort in teeth when exposed to hot, cold and certain foods. The pain will be a sudden and sharp and last for few seconds to minutes, as temporary. Tooth sensitivity is otherwise called dentin hypersensitivity. This problem occurs when the enamel in the teeth gets thinner, (or) the recession gum occurs.
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Common causes of tooth sensitivity

  • In cracked teeth, the bacteria are filled up and cause inflammation in the tooth pulp. In severe cases, this condition leads to the formation of abscess, infection.
  • Using hard brush may lead to tooth sensitivity since it wears off tooth enamel, causes dentin to be exposed.
  • Gum recession occurs mostly in a periodontal disease that exposes dentin
  • Teeth clenching and grinding wears down the enamel
  • Consuming acidic foods will corrode tooth enamel
  • Plaque formation, Nerve damage
  • In the gingivitis condition, the inflamed and sore gum tissues result in tooth’s root exposure
  • Using mouthwash for a long period will affect the tooth. Some OTC mouthwashes comprise acids and when the dentin is exposed, the presence of acid in the mouthwash causes tooth sensitivity and damages the dentin layer. So, it is safe to use a neutral fluoride mouthwash.
  • After some dental procedures, the teeth may have hypersensitivity. Usually, this condition will disappear within a week’s of time.

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Home remedies for Tooth Sensitivity

  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Choose fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste
  • Avoid sensitive triggering foods such as hot, cold, sugary items
  • Avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, pickles
  • Rinse mouth with salt water
  • Stop grinding teeth
  • Do coconut oil pulling

Treatment for sensitive teeth

  • Root canal: When the sensitive teeth cause severe pain and other treatments do not work, the patient will be advised for a root canal treatment. In this procedure, dental pulp issues are treated and it has been the successful procedure to eliminate tooth sensitivity.
  • Dental Crowns: Decayed teeth may be treated with a crown. Crowns help sometimes to seal the root surfaces and protect teeth.
Deivam Dental Clinic, best dental hospital in Narimedu, Madurai is headed by Dr. Rajarajan who provides advanced and quality dental care in India for all dental issues. He provides an appropriate treatment for sensitive teeth.
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Friday, 2 March 2018

Get The Best Pediatric Dental Treatments For Your Child

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the oral health of children from birth to teenage. Pediatric dentists have the qualification to take care of a child’s teeth towards the various stages of childhood. Early detection is essential to maintain oral health. If proper dental care is not given children will face many dental problems which cause pain and complication.

An early dental examination will help in the detection of early stages of tooth decay. It is recommended that a dental visit should occur within six months after the presence of the first tooth or by a child’s first birthday.


Need to consult a Pediatric Dentist

Your baby's primary teeth are important. Pediatric dental care ensures your child's primary teeth stay healthy and free of decay and other dental diseases. Research shows that children who develop cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to develop cavities as an adult. Paediatric Dentistry includes comprehensive dental care for children from infancy through the teen years.

Treatments a Pediatric Dentist do

  •  Repair of cavities and tooth defects
  •  Assessing risk of caries
  •  Preventive home care
  •  Diet and nutrition counseling
  •  Care for dental injuries
  •  Gum disease management
Pediatric Dentists know how to make the children comfortable with the treatment and provide the best possible care to them. Here at Deivam Dental Clinic, we are excited to take care of your child. Our aim is to be your trusted Dental Healthcare Provider delivering what exactly your children need. Our expert Orthodontists in Madurai, provide most advanced treatment and technology. Deivam Dental Clinic in Madurai by Dr. R Rajarajan is one of the Best Dental clinic in Madurai offering pediatric dentistry in Madurai at affordable rates.

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Root Canal Treatment: No more suffering for teeth

If your tooth is damaged in its nerve due to an infection or any decay then you should take the treatment from a  dental clinic as early as possible.
If you take the right treatment at right time you can keep your natural tooth, avoid the need for an artificial tooth, keep the alignment of your teeth, and prevent issues with your jaw. 
know more about the treatment
A root canal is a natural cavity in the center of the tooth. Root canal also has the pulp or pulp chamber and tooth nerve in the same area. The pulp chamber is a soft area of the root canal. However, after the tooth has erupted from the gums, tooth nerve does not have any specific function for the tooth.

How may root canal problem arise?

Root canal problem arises when an abscess or an infection is developed in the root canal as a bacterial activity or other decayed debris. An abscess is a condition in which pus-filled cavity is formed at the end of the tooth root. An abscess with infection in the root canal can cause

·         Swelling and pain

·         Loss of the bone at the root tip

·         Drainage problems

When root canal problem needs treatment?

Root canal problem needs treatment when

·         Chewing gives severe pain to tooth

·         Swelling developed in the specific tooth gums

·         Fractured or broken tooth

·         Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth which is highly decayed or becomes infected. The nerve and pulp are removed and the tooth inside is cleaned and sealed in the treatment process. It is important to know that the surrounding tissue of the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form if right treatment is not provided at the right time. Root canal treatment is painful and first few days are complicated as tooth may not feel sensitivity due to the inflammation of natural tissues. Deivam dental clinic provides best root canal treatment facilities in Madurai.

What are the risk factors for performing root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a highly successful process but it also has some complications. They are

·         More than one root canal in the tooth

·         A crack in the tooth

·         Defective or improper dental restoration

·         Gap in the inner sealing material that allows bacteria to grow

Deivam dental clinic, Madurai has all the modern facilities to treat root canal and other dental problems. Dr. Rajarajan and his efficient and experienced team are committed to providing a perfect and suitable treatment method. 


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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dental Implants - Creating Brilliant Smiles

Do you hesitate to smile only because you have lost your natural tooth?? Then Don't Worry Dental Implants can help you, Many of among us suffering from tooth loss, one can lose their teeth due to many reasons mostly due to tooth decay, injury or any periodontal diseases 
Dental implants are replacements of tooth roots. The dental implant is quite beneficial than tooth replacement. Dental implants replace the tooth which is pretty similar to the natural tooth in the terms of appearance and functioning. A ceramic crown is an artificial tooth which looks like the natural tooth in the size, shape, and color.The combination of the Ceramic crown with dental implants is the best way to perform it gives a natural look and restore our confidence. The dental implants are a most advanced method to restore a lost tooth, they take less pain and less time. Dental implants are quite popular now and people wish to replace their destroyed tooth with artificial teeth. While comparing with any other treatment dental implants are safer. 
  • Damaged or decayed teeth 
  • Problem in eating
  • Missing teeth 
  • Unpleasant smile
  • Periodontal problems 

  • Improved appearance 
  • Improved speech
  •  Improved comfort
  • Easier eating 
  • Improved oral health 
  • Durability 
  • Does not decay 
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene 

A person with good general health and oral health is the ideal candidate for dental implants. The best candidate has healthy gum tissues and adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implants. 

Dr.R.Rajarajan of Deivam Dental Clinic is the best place to do the dental implants at the affordable cost.He one of the leading dentist with good experience in his medical field.The clinic has all the modern technology to treat dental implants. 
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ceramic Braces: your clear choice against crooked Teeth

Crooked and wayward teeth are nothing new to many of us. In fact perfect teeth are a pretty rare occurrence. We all have some kind of dental irregularities. Some are severely crippling for our aesthetics and needs dire corrective measures.
With the growth in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dental treatments have also undergone an evolution. Ceramic braces are a significant development in this field. Deivam Dental Clinic offers the best dental treatment in Madurai, under one of the pioneers in dental treatments, Dr. R Rajarajan.
Braces have been in use since a long time. However, the use of ceramic braces remedies a number of issues that are usually associated with conventional metal braces. Ceramic braces helps in getting the task accomplished in a more efficient and faster way than the conventional methods.

Now, what sets ceramic braces apart from metal braces?
Ceramicbraces are less visible and more subtle than metal braces, making them less noticeable than the conventional braces. They are also smaller in size and smother increasing the ease and comfort of use. The make and build of ceramic braces make them less conspicuous. They are available in different colours making them meld with the natural teeth.
Another advantage of ceramic braces is that they do not stain easily. Ceramic braces are build from special ceramic material that are resistant to stain. They resemble metal braces in operation and functioning though they vary in treatment plan as ceramic braces are less brittle and applies less strength than metal braces.
Factors considered while using ceramic braces
Certain factors are considered before using ceramic braces in place of metal braces to correct wayward teeth. Some of these include the following.
  • The degree of crookedness of teeth 
  • The need for teeth extractions for applying braces 
  • Requirement of jaw surgery 
  • The duration for which it should be worn 
  • Requirement for special appliances
Dr. R Rajarajan is a pioneer in dental care specialised in the latest cosmetic surgery and orthodontic treatments.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Treat your Tooth at the Root

        A root canal is a treatment used in dentistry to repair and save a tooth that is decayed or infected. In this procedure, the tooth is cleaned and sealed by removing the pulp and nerves inside.  The nerve of a tooth is not vital for the function of the tooth once it has emerged through the gums. The only function of the nerve is to provide the sensation of hot or cold. So, the presence or absence of the nerve will not affect the functioning of the tooth.

 The following are some of the main advantages of root canal treatment:
  • Natural appearance 
  • Protects other teeth from excessive wear or strain 
  • Saving the natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages:
  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force and sensation

The Procedure
    Root canal treatment is needed when the root of the tooth gets injured or the tooth root gets damaged due to a large and the root becomes infected or inflamed. The following are the steps of the procedure
  • First, the dentist numbs the tooth and makes an opening through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber. 
  • Then the dentist will use special files to clean the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals and shapes the canals for the filling material. The dentist uses irrigation to remove the debris and clean the canals.
  •  After that the dentist  fills the canals with a permanent material (mostly this is done with a material called gutta-percha). This filling helps to keep the canals free of contamination or infection.
  •  To seal the opening the dentist will place a temporary filling material is placed on top of the gutta-percha.
  •  This filling is placed until the tooth receives a permanent filling or a crown which looks like a natural tooth will be placed over the top of the tooth.
Step 5: Finally the dentist will place the crown is cemented into the place.

    Deivam Dental Clinic of Dr R Rajarajan, one of the best dentist  in Tamil Nadu offers the best Root canal treatment in Tamil Nadu at affordable cost.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dental Implants: you are designed to smile in a better way

The Reasons behind the Popularity of Dental Implants

Despite all the advancements in dentistry and the horde of oral healthcare products available in the market today, we still suffer from tooth decay and associated issues. These problems not just causes pain, issues like missing tooth due to decay or injury sits heavily on our confidence as well.

Dental implants offer an effective solution for replacing missing tooth. They can be described as artificial tooth roots made from non reactive or inert metals such as titanium. They provide a strong foundation for supporting the artificial teeth or crown that is designed to resemble the missing original one.

The procedure of dental implants is an improved version of tooth replacements that are known to be more popular and efficient than the conventional bridges. A smile has a lot to do in augmenting our beauty and overall personality. Dental implant provides you with that flawless smile.
Some of the benefits of dental implants that have contributed to its huge popularity are as follows: -
  • Flawless appearance – they provide for a flawless appearance, one where you wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from the natural teeth.
  •  Better speech – teeth plays a very crucial role in tuning our speech and its pronunciation. Dental implants improve speech when it fills up the area of missing tooth.
  • The comfort factor – dental implants are a part of our body as they are fused with our bones. This helps in eliminating all issues that are usually associated with conventional bridges.
  • Improves oral health – dental implants are easy to clean and resembles natural teeth in oral care. They ensure good oral health as they do not require support from the adjacent teeth as in earlier procedures.
  • Permanent Solution – dental implants are very durable, and offers a permanent solution by lasting for life long, if they are taken care of well.
  • Better chewing and convenience – dental implants are strong and hence we are able to chew any food as we do with the normal teeth. Since they do not need to be removed as in ordinary denture, they help in avoiding the needless embarrassment.

Deivam Dental Clinic, with the support of an advanced infrastructure and skilled expertise of Dr. R Rajarajan, offers the best dental treatment in madurai in line with the latest of technologies and is the best dental clinic in Tamil Nadu
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