Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dentistry for Children India

Pediatric Dentistry India is relatively a new concept.Previously, same dental procedures were followed for both adults and children. Children fear when they hear about the dentist, who in their minds pulls out their teeth.Situation has changed drastically over last few years and now the children approach the dentist with out any fear.Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry.The dentists at Pediatric Dentistry are specialists in dentistry for children.They are specially trained in diagnosing and treating the unique problems of children.
Pediatric dentist India specializes in treating children from infancy to adolescence.A good pediatric dentist should take much care to ensure that the kids feel comfortable when their mouth and teeth are being examined.Pediatric dentistry formerly known as pedodontics,is the branch of dental medicine which focuses on preventive and corrective dental care and oral health of children.During the growth phase of a child, special approaches are needed to guide the dental growth and development in order to avoid future dental problems and to maintain their good health. 
Milk teeth are as important as the permanent ones for a child.Milk teeth serve as space maintainers    for the proper alignment and spacing of the permanent teeth.This milk teeth play an important role in helping the baby learn how to speak properly.Root canal treatment can be applied to milk teeth in some cases.This treatment is done when the tooth decay extends deep into the nerve portion of the tooth.  

Frequently children acquire certain habits that may either temporarily or permanently be harmful to teeth or tooth supporting structures or even to over all health. Some common oral habits seen in children include thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, lip biting, grinding of teeth and nail biting.

Teeth Extraction is the process of removing the teeth.In the case of children, teeth extraction will not cause any discomfort as compared to adults.Also doesnot require any anesthetic solution.A painless treatment is provided here  for children with the most modern dental facilities.

Tips for dental care in children

Protecting Teeth
Never leave the bottle in your baby's mouth while baby is asleep.
Babies should stop using a bottle by the time they are 1year old
Healthy snacks and drinks are important for children. Try to keep away from too much sugar, especially between meals.
Don't put anything sweet on a baby's dummy.

Cleaning teeth
Brush the teeth twice a day - after breakfast and last thing before going to sleep at night.
Start cleaning your baby's teeth as soon as they appear in the mouth. Clean the teeth with a small, soft toothbrush
You need to put the toothpaste on yourself until the children can do it properly

We look forward to knowing you and your children as more than just a family of patients, but as friends too. Come in to tour our comfortable offices and meet our friendly staf.We provide you the best affordable treatments here at Deivam Dental Clinic Madurai, India

Friday, 22 June 2012

Affordable Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the complete makeover of your mouth, bite and smile to give you healthy mouth and renewed feeling of confidence. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is usually done with Implants or Bridges.Full Mouth Rehabilitation corrects imperfections in bite position and enhances the appearance of the smile or improves the the beauty of your smile.

The procedure begins with the examination of the teeth to determine the extent of the complication and the proper treatment that can be used to rectify it. The examination will includes, teeth, Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and bite, Colour, size, shape, and proportion of the teeth, Gum tissues. Depending on the results the dentists will make out a plan of the full mouth restoration.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile that is comfortable,functional and beautiful.Full mouth rehabilitation cases are one of the most challenging cases in dental practice.Full mouth reconstruction is the use of many methods of dentistry to create the correct relationship between gums, bones, muscles, and teeth.Dental bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns, dental implants, and teeth whitening are all potential procedures used in a full mouth reconstruction.

With full-mouth reconstruction the entire mouth is beautified with a more comfortable bite and less tension in the jaw and neck.The procedure is not only for those who want their bite to be restored or the teeth are replaced, but full mouth rehabilitation may be required to overcome some other condition and diseases such as:

• Badly attrited (worn) or carious and broken down teeth.
• Unexplained numbness in fingers and arms.
• Limited jaw movements or locking jaw.
• Vertigo.
• TMJ problems(Temporomandibular joint syndrome).
• Unexplained pain or soreness around jaw joints.

Creating a beautiful smile for a patient is extremely rewarding for the dentist and his whole medical team.Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the most difficult procedures of dentistry and a few doctors are fully qualified for this treatment.

Full mouth reconstruction specialist, Dr R Rajarajan of Deivam Dental clinic Madurai is one of the best cosmetic dentist in India provides his valuable services at Madurai.