Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dental Implant treatment For Missing Teeth In Madurai

Dental implant is the most effective and reliable form of replacing the missing teeth. It is a surgical procedure that treats the inner part of the damaged or missing teeth. The treatment procedure consists of an artificial tooth root that is placed in to the jaw to hold a replacement tooth.

Symptoms of missing teeth
  •   Dental decay
  •   Gum disease
  •   Pain
  •   Improper bite
  •   Trouble speaking

  •  It looks like your own teeth
  •  Strond and durable
  •  Restore your chewing ability
  •  Protect healthy bone
  •  Retain your smile

Dental implant surgery that replaces the damaged or missing teeth by fitting alternative dentures or bridgework. Dr.Rajarajan deals with the best dental implant treatment in madurai

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