Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Dental Bleaching In Madurai

Dental bleaching is a tooth whitening procedure which restores natural color and wishes to everyone have a white teeth. Would you like to become an owner of best smile, by dental bleaching procedure can enhance the whiteness of your smile


We all need white teeth, but they are very susceptible to stains due to everyday things we eat and drink. Most people are looking for  whiter smile but they are not willing to seek advice from the dentist. Attractive smile is the first requirement of a pleasant personality and a good impression. This can achieved by the proper care of your teeth and get advice from your dentist, he will give you the best techniques to improve your smile.


  •   Good oral health
  •   Gums remain health
  •   Achieve beutiful smile


Dental Bleaching Safe For You

Teeth whitening is a great way for people to look their best smile. New technologies and bleaching gels are applied to the  patients for teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening methods are used to restore their oral health. you should analyse that the treatment procedure right for you. In Some people sensitivity problem occurs when they eat hot or cold foods.

If you discuss with your dentist he should be able to predict if you will have problems with teeth whitening process. In bleaching procedure, your teeth should be properly cleaned. Routine checkups have to be done to ensure optimal dental health. Clinic bleaching, teeth whitening tooth paste and whitening strips are used to restore your white smile.

Whether you decide to whiten your teeth and to achieve better smile. In Deivam Dental Clinic , Dr.Rajrajan provides most effective  teeth whitening procedures in Madurai.

Ask your dentist to enhance best smile

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Dental Implants Madurai

Dental implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. You need to improve dental care and feel like your own teeth, proper care should be needed . Missing of one or more teeth creates a gap in your smile and facial appearance. For these oral conditions & best way to improve the smile by consulting an expertised dental surgeon


Why consider dental Implants ?

While we consider the dental patient problems such as teeth gap, chewing ability and can alter the diet and nutrition. An experienced dental surgeon suggests for an dental implants. We should prefer these implant techniques only by the studying of the conditions for their own teeth. If someone has a damaged teeth or having a chewing ability problems, first we seek advice from dentist. By using dental implants we can improve the speech results in healthy oral tissues.


Choose a dental surgeon who has specialized in all kinds of dental procedures. After that we should focusses on the treatment procedures and the quality of the dental treatment that are effective for the patients.

Benefits Of Dental Implant
  •   Strong & durable
  •   Improve speech
  •   Healthy oral tissues 
  •   Feel like your own teeth


In Deivam Dental Clinic, Dr.Rajarajan provides more information to maintain the dental health care. It feels like your own teeth and maintain your smile by using of dental implants. Quality treatment is the provided for the patients by an specialized oral surgeon in Maduarai.

Ask your dentist for more information about maintain your natural smile.

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Root Canal Treatment In Madurai

Root canal treatment is a endodontic care that doesn't cause pain and relieves it. If you are about to have your first Root canal treatment, you may feel pretty about the whole thing. Your dentist told you to need root canal, if you must follow the procedures. Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal procedure. It can learn how can relieve your tooth pain and save your smile by endodontic treatment.


Symptoms Of Root Canal Treatment

  • Cracked tooth 
  • Injured pulps 
  • Gum diseases
  • Deep tooth decay 
  • Cause severe pain
  • Discoloration of tooth


Root Canal  Procedures

A space inside the tooth called pulp chamber consits of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues and creating surrounding hard tissues of the tooth. When the cavity extends beyond the Enamel and Dentin and progresses to the pulp, If the pulp becomes infected causes severe pain and results deep tooth decay. Before a filling can be done the infected pulp has to be removed and inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned. Root canal problem can be effectively treated by an root canal dentistry. Good oral hygiene and regular dental exams are necessary to prevent further problems.


Root Canal Steps


 Placing a rubber dam around your tooth

   A rubber around the tooth is provided to protect from the contamination that causes the tooth. Root canal dentist place a small clamp that grasps the tooth.

 Gaining access to the nerve area of tooth

  To perform the dental root canal treatment, A drill is made to make a hole that extends the surface of the tooth and pulp chamber to gain its nerve space.

 Cleaning the tooth

  Dentist clean the interior of your tooth and is done by root canal files

 Placing the root canal filling material

 Root Canal dentist will fill its interiour by using  the root canal filling materials. The treatment factors are different for different  teeth depending upon the root canals


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 Deivam Dental Clinic is provided with advanced techniques, highly qualified root canal dentist offers you better choice for infected dental problems by root canal recovery. Dr.Rajarajan perform all kinds of dental related problems in Madurai.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crown Treatment At Affordable Rate in Madurai

Crown treatment is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. The treatment procedure consists of restore the tooth shape, size and improve its appearance. crowns are used to protect a weak tooth from breaking or to hold together parts of cracked tooth. Dental crowns made of porcelain fused to metal is the best protection for tooth decay than all other versions.

Why Dental Crown Treatment ?

  •  Weak tooth
  •  Damaged tooth
  •  Attach a bridge
  •  Poorly shaped tooth

 Dental Crown Treatments

Ceramic Crown

Ceramic crown is made of metal and the metal shell gives porcelain fused to metal crowns an unclear appearance and also gives a thin metal band may be visible along the gum line. Ceramic crowns looks naturally by break off the porcelain chip.

Metal Crown

Metal crown is a more precise fit and they are very flexible. Dental crowns made of metal can be an ideal option for repairing decayed or damaged teeth. So it gives better results to withstand biting and chewing ability.

Crown Treatment At Affordable Rate in Madurai

Full Ceramic Crown

It is the best effective solution for teeth that are badly damaged also protects the cracked tooth and impoves the appearance of tooth. We create a modified tooth for each damaged tooth.

The dental crown treatment which can improve the appearance of your smile. They are extremely durable and can be applied with less removal of the natural tooth. Dr.Rajarajan provides best affordable treatment in madurai.


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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dental Implant treatment For Missing Teeth In Madurai

Dental implant is the most effective and reliable form of replacing the missing teeth. It is a surgical procedure that treats the inner part of the damaged or missing teeth. The treatment procedure consists of an artificial tooth root that is placed in to the jaw to hold a replacement tooth.


Symptoms of missing teeth
  •   Dental decay
  •   Gum disease
  •   Pain
  •   Improper bite
  •   Trouble speaking


  •  It looks like your own teeth
  •  Strond and durable
  •  Restore your chewing ability
  •  Protect healthy bone
  •  Retain your smile


Dental implant surgery that replaces the damaged or missing teeth by fitting alternative dentures or bridgework. Dr.Rajarajan deals with the best dental implant treatment in madurai


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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Root canal treatment At Affordable Rate In Madurai

Root canal treatment is the process that treats the inner part of the tooth. When the cavity is extends beyond the enamel, it leads to serious problem inside the tooth. Pulp is formed results to serious pain. The treatment is performed on the basis of extended pulp and infected tooth. Infections are removed from the canals of the tooth by the root canal treatment.


Symtoms Of Root Canal Treatment

  •  Infected tooth
  •  Severe toothache pain
  •  Swelling & Tenderness in gumsNarimedu,
  •  Discoloration of tooth
  •  Pain in chewing of tooth

Root Canal Treatment Procedures

Placing rubber dam around tooth

In this treatment, we are treat by the stretch of a sheet of rubber around the tooth. It is provided to protect from any contamination and is place by a small clamp that grasps the tooth.

Creating acess cavity

Inorder to perform the tooth's treatment, first needed to gain acess to its nerve space. A drill is made to make a hole that extends the surface of the tooth and pulp chamber.

Measuring length of tooth

After the detailed analysis of the teeth, measure the entire length of the tooth and perform for the root canal position of the tooth. X-ray is provided to confirm their postion and shaping of the tooth.


Cleaning & Shaping Of Tooth

Cleaning and shaping is performed on the interior of the tooth results in the cleaning of pulp formed in the root canals. Shaping is performed by enlarging the tooth to get the appropriate shape to fill the materials.

Placing root canal filling material

After the cleaning process, tooth will fill its interior by using  the root canal filling materials. The treatment factors are different for different teeth depending upon the root canals.

Dr.Rajarajan provides affordable root canal treatment for treatening inner part of tooth in madurai


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Friday, 12 September 2014

Orthodontic Treatment In Madurai

Orthodontic treatment is a special branch which specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws. In this treatment mechanical devices are used to straighten and correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Children and teenagers requires orthodontic treatment for the development problems with their teeth. Treatment provides, creating of beautiful smiles and make a pleasing appearance.


Reasons For Orthodontic Treatment

  •    Crossbite
  •    Missing of extra teeth
  •    Chronic head and Jaw pain
  •    Harm causes to teeth and gums
  •    Breathing or swallowing problems

Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Myofunctional appliances

The treatment procedure performed to correct the oral appearance and muscle imbalance. It involves the exercises to stimulate and strengthen the appropriate oral functioning.


Metalic braces

Braces are used to straighten and moves the teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. It takes least amount of time to correcting the teeth.


Ceramic braces

In this treatment, uses of ceramic braces depends on the crookedness of teeth and teeth extactions. It is mostly prefered because of their smoothness and smaller size.

Orthodontic Treatment is a treatment wished to have a beautiful smile contributes to self exteem and self confidence. It offers lifetime benefits by aligning teeth and improving the harmony of the lips and face. After correcting the alignment of teeth, it is easier to clean and make more resistant to gum disease and tooth loss.
Dr.Rajarajan provides affordable orthodontic treatment for straigten the teeth in madurai

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment In Madurai

Cosmetic dentistry treatment is a treatment procedure to make the smile more pleasing and youthful appearance. Treatment includes teeth whitening, filling gaps between the teeth and repairing broken or missing teeth. Smile has a major important for the overall oral appearance, even the smallest step can boot your confidence, self exteem and make you want to smile more.


Advantages Of Treatment

  •   Improve teeth look.
  •   Teeth whitening
  •   Shaping of teeth
  •   Restore appearance of teeth
  •   Correction and position of teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Smile makeover

In ths treatment, smile is prefered by the patients according to the way of smile. The ideal smile is connected with the proper display of gum and tooth.Smile makeover involves one or more cosmetic, dental or facial rejuvenation procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile.


Dental Bleaching

In teeth bleaching treatment priovides whiter smile for the apt for people having healthy gum and good health. Treatment can be performed by home and office by the teeth whitening kits.


Cosmetic Dentisry is a treatment for restore of teeth. Dental fillings are used for the decayed teeth composed of gold, amalgam and other materials that left visible dark spots on the teeth. Patients can select the dental fillings that closely match the color of their teeth for enhance better smile.

Dr.Rajarajan provides affordable treatment for dental related problems.
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Madurai

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Madurai

The teeth are the hardest substance in the human body. The third molar also known as wisdom teeth which causes serious problems in adults. Wisdom teeth arises inside the mouth causes too much discomfort and heavy pain. Third molar grow at the back of the gums at the last teeth to come through. wisdom teeth can be removed by a dentist or oral surgeon usually given a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area around the tooth.


Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Foul breath
  • Swelling around the site
  • Bad taste upon chewing food

Treatment For Wisdom Teeth

Extrtaction of teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is done by dental surgeon under local anaesthesia, errupted teeth is removed easily. An incision is made through the surface of the gum above the tooth and bone covering the tooth is removed for implanted wisdom teeth. Sometimes surgeon need to cut the teeth in to several pieces to avoid unnecessarily cutting bones, nerves and delicate tissues.


After wisdom teeth have been removed, any swelling occurs in the mouth and face should return to normal. Surgeons uses appropriate surgical instruments for the removal of tissue and bone that covered the tooth. Extraction instruments are used to loosen the tooth. If the tooth is loosened dentist uses forceps to remove the tooth.

Dr.Rajarajan provides effective extraction treatment for the removal of wisdom teeth.

To know more about wisdom teeth removal and extraction methods

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Smile Makeover :Smile with full of Confidence!

Humans are the creatures who can smile in this world. A smile has many meanings and can do so many things. A smile can change one’s life. So smile is very important in your life, it gives you confidence and self-esteem. 
Smile Makeover gives you with a beautiful smile. It is concerned with the way you smile. That is, the facial appearance like tooth display, color of the tooth, depth and shape. The ideal smile is connected with the proper display of gum and tooth. Smile makeover involves one or more cosmetic, dental or facial rejuvenation procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile.


In Deivam dental Clinic, the treatment is done for several conditions like Perfect tooth balance, Spacing and alignment, Tooth proportions, Tooth length, Smile Line, Tooth color, Missing teeth.

Perfect tooth balance: - This condition occurs when the tooth is not complete, chipped, not even etc. It will create incomplete smile for a person, if his/her front tooth is broken. 

Spacing & Alignment: - This condition is common, the tooth will contain spaces in between and it will not be in a correct order. We normally see people who has so many tooth grouped together and they will be uncomfortable to smile. This can be solved very easily using Smile Makeover.

Tooth proportions: - Some people will be having trouble in their tooth proportions. The tooth will not be in same proportion, and cause problems in chewing etc.

Tooth length: - Tooth length is the next problem, this condition occur when some of the tooth will be having more length than others. 

Smile Line: - The smile line is an imaginary line that follows the boundaries of your upper teeth from side to side, which ideally should be the same as the curve of your lower lip when you smile.

Tooth color: - Tooth color is very important. Sometimes one’s personality will be judged by looking at their tooth. Dark, yellowish or discolored tooth makes you embarrassed and gives you an old age look!

Missing tooth: - Missing tooth can occur due some accident or infections. It is very important to treat this condition because it can cause infections to nearby tooth.



A beautiful smile can make it easier to socialize, improve your appearance, and melt away any insecurities or anxieties that you may feel. Improving your smile is one of the greatest investments that you can make, as it’s an investment in yourself. Design a Smile Makeover that will transform your appearance – and your quality of life.

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