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Root canal treatment At Affordable Rate In Madurai

Root canal treatment is the process that treats the inner part of the tooth. When the cavity is extends beyond the enamel, it leads to serious problem inside the tooth. Pulp is formed results to serious pain. The treatment is performed on the basis of extended pulp and infected tooth. Infections are removed from the canals of the tooth by the root canal treatment.

Symtoms Of Root Canal Treatment

  •  Infected tooth
  •  Severe toothache pain
  •  Swelling & Tenderness in gumsNarimedu,
  •  Discoloration of tooth
  •  Pain in chewing of tooth

Root Canal Treatment Procedures

Placing rubber dam around tooth

In this treatment, we are treat by the stretch of a sheet of rubber around the tooth. It is provided to protect from any contamination and is place by a small clamp that grasps the tooth.

Creating acess cavity

Inorder to perform the tooth's treatment, first needed to gain acess to its nerve space. A drill is made to make a hole that extends the surface of the tooth and pulp chamber.

Measuring length of tooth

After the detailed analysis of the teeth, measure the entire length of the tooth and perform for the root canal position of the tooth. X-ray is provided to confirm their postion and shaping of the tooth.

Cleaning & Shaping Of Tooth

Cleaning and shaping is performed on the interior of the tooth results in the cleaning of pulp formed in the root canals. Shaping is performed by enlarging the tooth to get the appropriate shape to fill the materials.

Placing root canal filling material

After the cleaning process, tooth will fill its interior by using  the root canal filling materials. The treatment factors are different for different teeth depending upon the root canals.

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