Friday, 18 December 2015


Nowadays,Cosmetic dentistry is very popular among all kinds of people. Smile,one of the most beautiful expression in your face so we have to keep your teeth disease free and  looks beautifully. Cosmetic dentistry in Madurai, is one of the best possible and popular solution for your needs. This  provides shaping,gap filling,repair broken or missing teeth and so on. cosmetic dentistry cost is very affordable ,any sections of society

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Don’t worry,there is a better remedy for you. When the teeth become discoloured, by the constant use of tea,coffee,and alcohols ,the dentist can provide the best solution by bleaching your teeth in two ways. One is , providing treatment in the office and other can be done in your  home by using a system. In the office treatment,the procedure only takes 1 or 2 hours. But when you are at home,it takes long time to complete,around 2 to 4 weeks which depends on your peroxide used. Always keep in mind that you never use the same product again.If you do so,then the teeth become stained again.

This process is usually done for enhancing your smile by various methods such as dental veneers,tooth whitening,composite bonding,tooth implants. The methods differ when dealing with the facial appearance,shape,skin tone,hair colour,teeth(length,width,shape,colour,tooth display). This simple procedure can finish within hours by consulting an efficient doctor.

It includes:

  • Tooth colour
  • Alignment and spacing
  • Missing teeth
  • Harmony and balance
  • Fuller lips,smile and cheeks

Apart from the above methods,there are several other options can suggested by an expert doctor. The major components related with smile makeover are tooth length,tooth proportions,smile line,tooth texture and characterization

DR.RAJARAJAN,is  very well known in cosmetic dentistry in Madurai, who started his career after completing his high school education. He opened his own dental clinic in 2008 by the name of his mother and the hospital is successfully running in the name of famous cosmetic dentistry in madurai.