Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ceramic Braces: your clear choice against crooked Teeth

Crooked and wayward teeth are nothing new to many of us. In fact perfect teeth are a pretty rare occurrence. We all have some kind of dental irregularities. Some are severely crippling for our aesthetics and needs dire corrective measures.
With the growth in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dental treatments have also undergone an evolution. Ceramic braces are a significant development in this field. Deivam Dental Clinic offers the best dental treatment in Madurai, under one of the pioneers in dental treatments, Dr. R Rajarajan.
Braces have been in use since a long time. However, the use of ceramic braces remedies a number of issues that are usually associated with conventional metal braces. Ceramic braces helps in getting the task accomplished in a more efficient and faster way than the conventional methods.

Now, what sets ceramic braces apart from metal braces?
Ceramicbraces are less visible and more subtle than metal braces, making them less noticeable than the conventional braces. They are also smaller in size and smother increasing the ease and comfort of use. The make and build of ceramic braces make them less conspicuous. They are available in different colours making them meld with the natural teeth.
Another advantage of ceramic braces is that they do not stain easily. Ceramic braces are build from special ceramic material that are resistant to stain. They resemble metal braces in operation and functioning though they vary in treatment plan as ceramic braces are less brittle and applies less strength than metal braces.
Factors considered while using ceramic braces
Certain factors are considered before using ceramic braces in place of metal braces to correct wayward teeth. Some of these include the following.
  • The degree of crookedness of teeth 
  • The need for teeth extractions for applying braces 
  • Requirement of jaw surgery 
  • The duration for which it should be worn 
  • Requirement for special appliances
Dr. R Rajarajan is a pioneer in dental care specialised in the latest cosmetic surgery and orthodontic treatments.

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